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Mouse Head Rain Jacket

The Blonde Ruby

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Mouse Head Rain Jacket
Mouse Head Rain Jacket
Mouse Head Rain Jacket
Mouse Head Rain Jacket
Mouse Head Rain Jacket

This water-resistant, hooded jacket is perfect for park days!  It's extremely lightweight, so you can wear it even during the summer months AND it's easily packed into a pouch that's the size of a water bottle!

Monogrammed in "circle" font.  Monogrammed items ineligible for return.

Water-resistant; 100% nylon; available in 7 colors; available in women's or men's cut.


  1. Your Monogram - List initials IN THE ORDER THEY SHOULD APPEAR. For example, if your name is Kelly Jane Collins then initials should be listed as kCj or KCJ.
  2. Monogram color choice
  3. Mouse head color choice - will be black unless specified otherwise


    1. Black
    2. White
    3. Red
    4. Yellow
    5. Coral
    6. Pink
    7. Fuchsia
    8. Neon Pink
    9. Turquoise
    10. Deep Teal
    11. Light Blue
    12. Royal Blue
    13. Navy Blue
    14. Grape
    15. Lavender
    16. Lime Green
    17. Christmas Green
    18. Orange
    19. Silver
    20. Charcoal
    21. Dark Gold
    22. Light Gold

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